Icinga2 2.11 dashboard customization

(Axel577) #1

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the layout of the icinga2 dashboard.
As an example:

There are a lot of critical services. Isn’t it possible to reduce the size of each icon which make it possible to get more critical events on the dashboard? Furthermore, isn’t it possible to use the whole screen?
It says “show more” but there is still a lot of white space beneath that.
In my opinion there is a lot of space that gets wasted but could be used in such a useful way.
Thank you in advance.

(Aflatto) #2

The answer is a complex one, but it boils down to a fairly comprehensive “yes”.

You can alter the Icon size, you can alter the layout in the /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/css
As for the use of the whole screen, again you can look at the CSS file and change the frame limits.

The dashboard was designed to be a summery of the latest changes, not a full display of all the issues, for that you have the dedicated frames/pages.

You can create your own dashboard or use the alternative dashboard


If you just want to see more entries in the list views you can change the limit:
Go to the dashboard settings:

Choose the Service problems dashlet and change the number of the limit:

(Axel577) #4

Could you tell me the exact file for altering the icon size?
In /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/css are four more directories: icinga, pdf, themes, vendor.

Thanks for that tip!

(Aflatto) #5

@Axel577 , Sorry, I can not tell you which is the specific file to alter.

To get such a specific answer i’d recommend asking in the official forum