Icinga Web 2 Disregards monitoring/filter/objects


I have an Icinga Web 2 role that I am attempting to set object viewing permissions for. A user who has this role should not be able to see anything with *Printer* in the host name. I have set monitoring/filter/objects = "host_name!=*Printer*" for this role. This does not work. Users with this role can still see printers.

As an additional troubleshooting step, I created a second role that has monitoring/filter/objects = "host_name=*Printer*" defined in its config. This works. Users who have this role can only see hosts with *Printer* in their host name.

I also created a third role with monitoring/filter/objects = "host_name!=Site-Printer1" in its config. Users who have this role can still see the Site-Printer1 host.

I’m following this article from the documentation. What am I missing?

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Version and distribution involved?