Icinga service will not start after setting an dependency

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Hello togehter,

following problem: I am using host and service dependencies via director as shown in picture 1 (to disable notifications if an ESXi Host is down and its VMs to, also for automap in NagVis). SRV-PANDORA is an ESXi machine, VM-OPSI01, … are VMs.
After doing the configuration as shown in the picture 1 everythink works fine for the first time. But if I restart the icinga2 service on the VM “VM-Fernw-1_” the service on the machine does not start anymore. This problem only exists at “VM-Fernw-1_”.

The “VM-Fernw-1_” shows:

If I delete manualy the entry of “VM-Fernw-1_” in /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/director-global/director/dependency_apply.conf the service on the machine is able to start. That means in my oppinion that their is a wrong configuration. But as far as I know the directory does the configuration an transfer it to the machine.

I tried to uninstall the icinga2 client agent on the VM and reinstalled it.
apt-get purge icinga2
apt-get purge icinga2-doc
apt-get purge icinga2-common
apt-get purge icinga2-bin
apt-get autoremove
vi /etc/apt/sources.list // eventuelle Repositories entfernen
apt-get autoclean
find / -name icinga* // sollte keine Ergebnisse liefern

I checked the hostname of the machine but could not find any problems. Is their maybe an unsupportet character like “-” or “_” in the hostname or a limitation of the number of characters?

Many thanks