Icinga permissions


(mozes) #1


I just started using Icinga2 for monitoring and had a permission issue with scripts that execute commands.

For example, I created a simple alert which the plugin script create a file with some records. But I get a permission denied for the line “echo new record $DATE >> log.test”. The script have the required permissions.

Do I need to configure Icinga permission somewhere? this is some security restriction of Icinga?

Thank you in advance,

(Nicolai) #2

Is the directory you’re writing to writable for the icinga / nagios user (depending on your distribution)?


Please note that the monitoring process has a “reduced” environment compared to a logged-in user so it is advisable to use absolute paths to be sure that the files are created at the desired locations.

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Thank for your answers.

  1. I checked and directory have all permissions: @nicolaiB

    [root@localhost tmp]# getfacl /tmp/
    getfacl: Removing leading ‘/’ from absolute path names

    file: tmp/

    owner: root

    group: root

    flags: --t


  2. I include all the path as you advice: @Wolfgang