Icinga Master HA setup > Satellites > clients


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Hello i already figrued out i had to clear the api/
But it’s the same when i add that zone

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I Will list the config in a hour or two

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I should only clear the config in the satellite in the /api?

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Hello @watermelon

Host config icinga-satellite-fr

zones conf for icinga-satellite

object Zone "satellite-fr" {
    parent = "master"
    endpoints = [ "icinga-satellite-fr.xxx.xxx" ]

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@monster400 I think it would be useful to you to (re)read the documentation here
and here

I’m thinking the issue here is that you are creating a 3rd zone in Director. Remember that your master zone is MASTER <-> SATELLITE communication, and then your satellite-fr zone is SATELLITE <-> CLIENTS communication. By adding the third zone to Director you are muddling the configuration. When you connect your client to the satellite with icinga2 node wizard, it will use the generic zone names but that doesn’t change that it is still basically the same as the satellite-fr zone (SATELLITE <-> CLIENTS ), just from the client to satellite perspective. Again once you do this, you must delete/rename the config in conf.d otherwise when it pulls the config down for the satellite-fr zone for the client host, the default config (which includes a NodeName host) will cause an error.

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Okay i will Read the docs once more,

but i still thinks it makes no sense director would make a hosts.conf with the icinga-satellite-fr entry in a zone called scrollout

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So what you are saying is that Director is useless when your are using a master > satellites > clients setup?

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No, if you carefully consider how to configure the satellite and clients once the node wizard routine has run. a) with a proper zones.conf b) disable conf.d inclusion in icinga2.conf - those are the distributed things you need to have understood prior to rolling things with the Director.

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haha i think i got it now, old missconfig deleted the scrollout in the /API on the masters and added zone and endpoint and host, now it works :slight_smile:

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Director is really great but I found that if you rush into using Director without understanding core icinga2 architecture concepts, it gets really confusing. I had to go back and read the icinga2 documentation several times while trying to deploy icinga2+icingaweb2+director before I had a working master/satellite/client setup.

:slight_smile: good to hear you got it working

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Just added my first check :slight_smile: and i can see the load on my client :slight_smile:

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@watermelon @dnsmichi @PeterB @birkch @widhalmt

Thanks everyone, i managed to add another satellite and a client on that :slight_smile:

One more thing, is there anything i need to be aware of with graphs and this setup?

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Director host/service objects are treated just as regular host/service objects are, so you should have no problem graphing. I use InfluxDB + Grafana personally.

Any additional questions regarding graphing or getting into specifics should be asked in a new thread!

Glad you got your problem fixed.

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@watermelon one more thing, there is a check i really should use for distributed setup, what is the name?

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I would put the TSDB on a different server than the master in terms of IO and performance. I’m a friend of Graphite, others like InfluxDB.

Today we’ve released the official Graphite module for Icinga Web 2, you might want to try it inside the Vagrant boxes first before deploying into production.

For further questions on graphing and metrics, please create a new topic.

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That’s a pretty broad question haha, there are many checks that you might have depending on your needs.

Perhaps you’re referring to cluster health checks?

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Can any one tell me how to configure Satellites with icinga2, I’m using NRPE plugins for client monitoring.

Please share step by step solution


First you need a properly set up master: https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/06-distributed-monitoring/#distributed-monitoring-setup-master

After this you can install icinga2 on a linux server and configure it as satellite: https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/06-distributed-monitoring/#clientsatellite-setup

The docs cover this very well. If you have trouble somewhere, I’d suggest you open a new thread for you problems.

How to identify master or satellite working fine
(Khushal Bisht) #58

Icinga2 master setup successfully and running. and i have also setup icinga2 second server for satellite.

but my problem is how to communicate master to satellite.

can you please open new thread with complete details

I’m using NRPE plugins to monitor client node.

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