Icinga - Jira Integration with Director

Hey Guys,

I want to combine Icinga with Jira. I installed the Jira Module for Icinga and everything worked fine.
I can manually create a Ticket over CLI with jira send problem.

The next Step was to automate this, but when i try to assign the

i get an error:
[2020-02-24 11:57:28 +0100] critical/config: Error: Validation failed for object ‘pb-jira-test.intra.loyaltypartner.com!Jira Service’ of type ‘Service’; Attribute ‘check_command’: Object ‘JIRA Host Notification’ of type ‘CheckCommand’ does not exist.
Location: in [stage]/zones.d/icmaster.lx.su.lab/services.conf: 11:5-11:44

someone knows how to use this script? do i have to create a NotificationCommand with this Script?
i really dont know how to use this script