Icinga director with dictionaries

Hello Icinga Team,

I do a migration of an existing icinga1 system to icinga2. In my icinga1 configuration I do have lots of “free space /path/to/mountoint” checks. Some of them do have individual Warning and Critical thresholds. A few of this service checks do also use an different CheckCommand.

Yesterday I found that I need dictionaries to implement the disk checks with individual warning and critical thresholds. I did ask in the IRC support channel and someone told me that icinga director does not support dictionaries.

Is there some other way to implement disk checks with individual warning and critical thresholds?

sincerely yours


I’m assuming you mean to have the output messages appear in some other language than English.

That depends on the plugin script you are using, there being no general constraint that all plugins adhere to; unfortunately the very large majority of plugin scripts do not bother with this. They don’t even bother to gather the output strings at the top of the script so you could easily edit a copy of the script…

I remember very long ago there used to be tools in the UNIX V NLS suite to help a piece of code using direct string outputs to adapt this into a version using call-ups from a previously prepared NLS database. Good old times…

Sorry about that!