Icinga 2 Diagnostics script / data collector


(Michael Friedrich) #21

I’d suggest how icinga2 --version works in detecting the OS and type details.

(Thomas Widhalm) #22

Thanks, @dnsmichi . I’ll take a look into this. Simpler OS recognition is definitely a thing we want.

@l13t I believe there’s still some work to do so we initially detect where we are running and then use the right checks afterwards. There is a bit there of that logic but it’s still some way to go. Thanks for your input.


For the records, @widhalmt just commited my PR to add FreeBSD support. Thanks!

(Thomas Widhalm) #24

It’s on me to say thank you. I’m really stunned that this project which had the status of a quick hack just yesterday now already has two merged PR’s with actual benefits. You’re awesome!


I’ve got a github account but no git environment at the moment, so “sorry” for doing it this way.

The archive contains several files for different changes:

...GIT : the version from git the changes are based on
...SLES: changes for SLES detection
...VIRT: execution as non-root issues a hint now
...OMD : Icinga2 is contained in OMD as well, so some additional checks
...CHK : output of the object type when checking "check_interval"

In case not all changes should be included the files were changed in the following order:

icinga-diagnostics.tgz (3.9 KB)

(Thomas Widhalm) #26

Wow, thanks. I’ll look into this.

(Thomas Widhalm) #27

@Wolfgang Just to let you know: Your changes were applied and are already in the current master. Thank you again for your contribution!

(Thomas Widhalm) #28

Just to let you know: I added “Projects” to the GitHub Repo where we can go on collecting ideas for the “suggestion mode” and the “anomaly detection”.

By the way, thanks for your contributions, all. They are very welcome.