I don't see http_ssl listed under fields for the external/ITL http command

(lonelyadmin) #1

Looking at the external command http I can see the ssl option under the config preview:
"-S" = { description = "Connect via SSL" set_if = "$http_ssl$" }

Under Fields->Field the dropdown doesn’t show under the suggested fields or macros. I’ve defined a service template called http where I have defined the fields I typically use (port, uri, vhosts) which allows me to create a seperate service on the hosts for every vhost I want to monitor. Problem is, http_ssl isn’t in the dropdown under the service template for http. Here’s the template definition:


template Service "http" {
import "generic-service"

check_command = "http"

I noticed that other booleans like http_verbose aren’t shown either. How do I go about using these? Or is my install broken (likely by me)?

(lonelyadmin) #2

…and immediately after posting I found this: https://monitoring-portal.org/woltlab/index.php?thread/40801-how-to-create-an-https-host-monitor-using-icinga2-director/

I’ll just have to remember that not all fields get imported on the ITL commands during the kickstart.