How to upgrade to latest check_mk version

(Systemonkey) #1

check_mk raw edition is now at 1.5.0.p6 and OMD labs edition is still shipping 1.2.8p20. How should I go about upgrading to latest version of check_mk without breaking integrated components within the omd labs edition?

(Philipp Näther) #2

We recently had a similar discussion. Try the steps in my post:

(Systemonkey) #3

Thank you, @TheLucKy

(Systemonkey) #4

Hi@TheLucKy and folks,
I tried following the steps you’ve linked but the backup refuses to restore. I get:
“You need to have version 2.80-labs-edition installed to be able to restore this backup.”
I’ve looked at transferring over the /etc/check_mk/ directory from old to new but the structure is quite different between the labs and the raw.
So, now I’m wondering what I can do to bring 2.80 labs edition’s check_mk to the latest version. If I piecemeal the files to wherever it’s located in labs, would it break the integration with other functions such as grafana? I don’t know as I haven’t gotten around to it yet but If anyone knows please let me know. If not, I’ll try doing just that when I have some downtime and see what breaks and hopefully I can get it working.

(Philipp Näther) #5

Well then there still is the way to use omd update SITE. Running this command will update a site to the current default version and show and ask you which files and directories will be touched and deleted.


As a step between you could omd update to the check_mk raw version of your omd labs first. Then omd update the older cmk raw to the latest version.