How to send Notifications only if multiple Hosts have Issues


Hi there,
I have just arrived to this portal.
My problem is described quite easy:
I have about 20 Hosts in the CheckMK and a few distributed hosts including status host.
Now, i want to get a notification only if multiple hosts have an issue (e.g. hosts unreachable).
I already tried to send a notification if a host-group has some problems, but this happens if atleast one has an issue.
Does anybody know if, and if so, how it could be solved?
thanks in advance

(Philipp Näther) #2

Usually you use the “Business Intelligence” feature for that.

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thank you very much, i didn’t notice this feature at all :sweat_smile:
this is exactly what i was looking for.
do you know how to send a mail notifications if the aggregation goes to warn or crit state?
i tried a few things and couldn’t find a solution. most likely I’m blind.
I appreciate your help very much.

(Daniel) #4

Use the active check “Check State of BI Aggregation” and attach it to any host.

It will create a service for the aggregate, which you can notify like any other service.

Hope this helps.
Best regards

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this works just fine, thank you very much.
I had absolutely no clue where to look at:sweat_smile:

again, thanks to both of you for your help