How to send multiple notifications


Hello everyone,

currently I am trying to get multiple notifications on a critical service /downed host.
I set the “Delay host/ service notification” both to 15 minutes, since I dont want to get notified if a service/host has a short down-phase. Also I enabled the “periodic notifications” to 15 minutes.
The first notification rule should apply when the critical state persists longer than 15 minutes, the second after a total of 1 hour after the critical detection.

Therefore I set up two notification rules to watch for changes “OK->CRIT” and “WARN->CRIT” and “restrict to n-th to m-th notification”. The first one watches 1st to 1st nostification, the second 4th to 4th.

Now, when a longterm Warning changes to a crit-state the notification number does not reset and my rules do not apply since the “restrict to n-th to m-th notification” throws an error e.g: “notification number 25 does not lie in range 1 … 1 / 4 … 4”.

Does anybody know how to get this to work?
Sorry if my description is confusing


I found the answer to my problem.
WATO >> Host & Service Parameters >> Monitoring Configuration >> Notified events for hosts & Notified events for services
you can set up which status change has to occur for the notification number to change. in my example i don’t need to increase the notification number when “Service goes into warning state”.
You still will see warnings in the main menu, but the notification number will not rise.