How to remove the passive check from nagios console ( Check_mk)

(grayloglearn) #1

Hi Team,

Can someone tell me how to remove the passive check from nagios console. What are the steps we need to do from check_mk agent client side(Remote server) and Nagios servers.

(Aflatto) #2

iirc ( and it has been awhile since I use Nagios) , if a check is not defined on the master server and a passive check is sending data to it, the data is discarded ( with an error written in the logs), so if you do not want any data sent from the remote node, you can delete the definition from the master and it should remove the service from the console.

(grayloglearn) #3

Thanks for the reply , could you please help what are the paths to delete the definitions. Could you please help on this.

(Aflatto) #4

You will need to find the file where that check/host definition is defined and remove it.

usually those files reside under the /etc/nagios directory, but might be in any other location defined by the previous administrator of the system

(grayloglearn) #5

I try to comment the defined service which is located /usr/local/nagios/check_mk/check_mk._object .cfg.
but when we do restart the nagios it is not applying. The commeted service will showing as uncommnent after restarting the service. We are using check_mk as agent passive checks.