How to integrate Check_MK with HPE/Microfocus OMi?

Is there any way/Plugin to integrate Check_MK with HPE OMi for event handling…??


do I understand correctly that you want the gathered systems-management data about the events in your check_mk environment is made available
to the OBM solution or you mean it vise versa?

The only thing I found was this:

But I don’t think that’s what you were looking for :confused:

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Thank you very much Leon!

Yes you are correct, I wana integrate Check_MK -> OMi . Let me check …did you ever get a chance to implement it ? :slight_smile:

Hi Leon,

It seems like to connect Check_MK to OBM we need WEB-API for Events in check_mk. But, as per my findings there is no WEB-API for events in check-mk :frowning:

Hi Mohammed,

No, I have not worked with it yet, but a colleague who unfortunately left my company six months ago began to deal with it using Icinga. Since check_mk raw version is based on Icinga/Nagios, I think it should be possible. Maybe someone else can provide information here.

A web API is of course available, look at and at