How to get plugins running with director?

(Andre) #1

Hi all,


there are some plugins that I can define with the director. But now I need the plugin “check_qnap”, I moved the plugin in this direction. But than how can I define it with the director? The Plugin works on commandline:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins# ./ -H -a hdstatus
OK: Online Disk 4, HD status = GOOD, Free Slot 0

But I’m confused how to make it with the director. The check_qnap command is not in the “external commands” I see no fields when I define that command manually

thx André

(Aflatto) #2


Just placing a new plugin does not import it into Director, you need to define it in the director commands.
you can see how a command definition is defined in Icinga in the following link :

you will need to apply those in the director with custom fields

(Andre) #3


thx for the fast help. For me it is just difficult to work with the Director, in the past I had a old Nagios and now with Icinga2 and Director it is a little bit confusing me :wink:
I try :slight_smile:

(Aflatto) #4

It is a bit of a learning curve to understand how Icinga is working, but it is worth the time.

there are plenty of on-line how-to’s , and you can better support on the IRC channel and in the official on-line forum