How to disable services for mutiple hosts?


Now another question. We have over 500 Terminalservers to Monitor. Now if I want a handful services, I need to move the unwished to “disabled services”. To make this for 500 hosts, is a bit work.
Is there a way to inherit the monitored services from one host to the others?

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Host & Service Parameters > Monitoring Configuration -> Disabled Services -> create new rules for folders.

you can also say which service: Services… Specify explicit values and use regular expressions there if you have similar names :slight_smile:



Thank you :slight_smile: I write the values in the point “Conditions”. But what do I have to select at “Positive/Negative”? What happens when the outcome ruleset is positive/negative?

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Make the outcome of the ruleset positive


@Neeloj Thank you, it works^^


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