How to disable audit log disable in gui

Hello All,

Currently when audit log is enabled and provided with appropriate permission it is possible for all the icinga user to view audit logs in gui. I would like to limit audit logs gui view to admins or to disable gui view of audit logs totally.

Is there a possibility to do so?

Any insight on this will be much helpful.


The module provides a permission to selectively enable/disable the audit log. You can select such in the roles config editor.

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But that also limits logging of non admin web user activity. To be precise i would like to log all icinga users web activity and only admin users should be able to view the logs.

Michael is talking about the audit/log permission. This is only responsible to control who has access to the web view you’re talking about.

It has nothing to do with for whom activities are logged.


Can you point/post sample config document, If there is any?

Just add it to or remove it from the desired roles:

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