How to connect another master to a existing master/1 stallatite setup


(thewatcher) #1

I have one master with 1 satellite setup which works fine. how to connect a new master to this setup.

  1. Do I need to run icinga2 node wizard on the new machine and make it as a master ?
  2. Then add both master into one zone?
  3. update the satallite zones with the new master endpoints and object zone?

will it not affect current configuration?
will icinga2 web 2 will work without any issues?
Do I have to do anything special for the dual master setup?

I have gone through the icinga2 “distributed monitoring” setup documentation. it shows the configuration on master1 not on master2 or how to connect it both together. Please advise.


object Endpoint “master1” {

object Endpoint “sat1” {
host = "

object Endpoint “sat2” {
host = “”

object Zone “master” {
endpoints = [ “master1” ]

object Zone “usa” {
endpoints = [ “us1”, “us2” ]

parent = “master”

/* sync global commands */
object Zone “global-templates” {
global = true

object Zone “director-global” {
global = true

(Michael Friedrich) #2 should explain it very well, did you try the steps for setting up the secondary master as satellite and modify its configuration then?

(thewatcher) #3

Yes it works. I have tried the other master as a satellite zone to the master and it works. The .conf files I create inside the master 1 zone inside zones.d will get replicated to the satellite zone inside the api/zones.d/_etc folder am I right.