How to check the icinga agent version on a client

is there a way to check the installed agent version on the monitored clients?

i cant find something in the icinga doc’s or here in the portal which fits to my requirements.

the internal icinga healthcheck command is giving you the version of the icinga2 instance that is running :wink:

@KevinHonka can u please post the check command for this ?

or d u mean the icinga --version ???

im unable to find something inside the docs as i told before :frowning:

will do, once my work notebooks works again… damn windows refuses to connect to icingaweb2

If your agent has the API enabled you can visit https://:5665$clientIP/v1
Returns something like “Hello from Icinga 2 (Version: v2.9.1-104-g104c6ee15)!”

apply Service "icinga" {
        import "generic-service"

        check_command = "icinga"
        vars.sla =      "exthours"

        assign where == ""
        assign where == ""
        assign where match ("",

Plugin Output
Icinga 2 has been running for 2 hours, 35 minutes and 59 seconds. Version: r2.9.1-1

apply Service "cluster" {
        import "generic-service"

        check_command = "cluster"
        vars.sla =      "exthours"

        assign where host.vars.icinga == true

You’ll find the check-command in the ITL of Icinga


@hamester_citti thx, your option works fine.
but is there a way to shorten the output only to the agent version information ?

No, since the plugin output is intended to provide as much information as needed for a general health check. Uptime is an important measurement here to clearly see application restarts.

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