How to call remote script from nagios server check_mk

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Hi team,

Can some body help on how to call remote script or plugin from nagios servers. We are using check_mk 1.1.0 and nagios core.

Appreciate if anybody tell step by step process because i am new to this check_MK


It’s rather difficult to recall how it was made in CMK 1.1.0 (which is 8+ years old, I can’t even find it as tag in the git). I would strongly advise to update it to a new(er) version, which has some documentation online (and a lot of new features).

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Hi Jat,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you help with how the check_mk checks will work. I mean can give with command like below.
check_nrpe -H hostname -C check_load -w 50 -c 90.

I need how the check mk is getting the data from remote server.