How to alert when complete hostgroup is down

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We have a use case where we would like to get alerted only when all hosts of belongs to a perticular category are down. For example, we have six app-nodes app-node-1, node-2 … node-6. I am searching for a solution where I would like to be notified only when all the app-nodes are down. This would make sense, if I do not want to disturb on-duty during the night when one or two nodes are down but only when all nodes are down.

I thougth this could be achievable via host group. But I do not find a way to configure this via Notifications.
Does any one know how to achieve this ?



this could be a usecase for the business process module.

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I solved something similar with a special plugin, which uses the {fping} command under Linux to see if any argument hosts are {ping}able. Only when none of them are, does the plugin return an error exit code.

You could achieve the same effect if you could specify an array of parent hosts in a dependency rule. Apparently you can if you don’t insist on doing as much of configuring as can be done via Director. (At our firm we do insist, so I wrote the above-mentioned plugin, used it in a dummy host with IP, which however has a “host list” data field, which is then passed to the plugin in the host profile.)

Hello @Konne, Thanks for your reply I will try to check it out.

Hello @bkai , Thank you very much for your reply.
May be I would use this as my short term solution till I figure out how to use Business process module suggested by @Konne

The official docs provide an example:

You can use this to model even more complex things.

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