How to add additional contact groups to host

(Siddhant pardeshi) #1

I have configured icinga2 on ubuntu 16.04 … and i added some nodes .now my requirement is how can i have notification alerts from specific host service info on specific mail id from that node only not all nodes
i have created contact groups “Job” as well as contact user “sid” and associated with each other and while
adding that node by api call i specified group “job” to that node …but i am not getting alerts from that node because in /etc/icinga2/conf.d /notifications.conf , there is default group is specified [icingaadmins] and user {icingaadmin} so this default contact group and contact user are associated to all nodes all alerts are comming
not specific host information on specific mail …i have given mail-id to “sid” contact user
could you please help me out for this scenario