How make this CACTI graph work on dashinga2

(Redbob365) #1


I installed dashinga2 according to It runs, except by a CACTI plugin not installed. So the image is not present here:


How to make it work, as I couldn’t find any documentation about that?

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Interesting, didn’t know that someone forked dashing-icinga2 in 2016. Seems this project isn’t actively developed anymore.

Anyhow, look into the dashboards code to see how the Image-URL is fetched. This is hardcoded in there.

(Redbob365) #3

Look, I tried to add a Nagvis map instead of a CACTI image… but I’m not lucky to do it. I did this:

    <!-- BigImage -->

    <li id="imagepadding" data-row="1" data-col="6" data-sizex="4" data-sizey="4">
            <div  data-id="logo" data-view="map" data-image=""></div>

Is this correct?

(Michael Friedrich) #4

Does render into a binary image? This is what the HTML code expects here, a png, jpg, etc.

In contrast to that, you’ll highly likely just want to add in iframe. I’ve done this in later versions of dashing-icinga2 for Icinga Web 2.

(Redbob365) #5

Exactly what I need. I implemented an iframe, as you can see:

   <li id="imagepadding" data-row="1" data-col="6" data-sizex="4" data-sizey="4">
        <div id="nagvis">
                <iframe id="nagvis-iframe" src="" style="zoom:50%" w$

How to populate “Host Problems?” Because we have 2 host problems, as I can see on the other dashing:

I put this line from dashing to dashinga2, but not working

<div data-id="icinga-severity" data-view="List" data-unordered="true" data-title="Problems"></div>

(Michael Friedrich) #6

There were a lot of changes between 2016 and the current version of dashing-icinga2. This includes how data is fetched from the API and problems are counted. If the job doesn’t send the appropriate data, the dashboard HTML won’t be updated.

I’d say, if you want to use current things from dashing-icinga2, you keep on modifying this version for your needs, and skip the old version. Seems you’d just need a nagvis iframe here.

(Redbob365) #7

Yes, That’s it… :sweat_smile: Now I can give a retirement for dashinga2!