How I can put a $ in a variable inside the icinga director?

I have some variables configured in my Icinga Director. One of this variables is from the type array. I need this variable inside of my windows services check.

The service check is running, that is not my problem. But I have a big problem with the content of my variable. Some of the services are called:


Sure, the $ in the name is not really the best idea. But I am not the developer of this software, I only have to life with it and monitor the service.

But if I try to add this in my variable, the rollout of my configuration failed:

Attribute ‘vars’ -> ‘service_win_service’: Closing $ not found in macro format string ‘MSSQL$PDATA_SQLEXPRESS’.

Is there any chance to have this inside of the variable via the Icinga director? I already tried:


MSSQL$$PDATA_SQLEXPRESS should work (don’t know it quotes are required, so please try it).

Roland is right. Just escape the $ with another $ :slight_smile:
Quotation marks are not needed, as the Director adds them automatically.