How do you monitor the utilization of a Windows network interface?


(Oliver Tatzmann) #1

Hi folks,

Some years ago I stopped monitoring the interface usage on Windows via SNMP ( due to 32Bit counters, deprecated since Server 2008 or so :slight_smile: )

Currently I use Nsclient++ / check_counters
Maybe I’m using it wrong, but there are a few drawbacks

  • 3 separate checks needed per nic (In, Out, Total)
  • need to start nscp/perfmon on the WinHost to figure out the correct NIC-Name
  • there is no average between the last check and the current one, only the value when measuring

I’m looking for a solution where I …

  • don’t need to log on to the server after “the agent” is deployed.
  • doesn’t need admin rights (remote WMI access?)
  • can use it with Naemon & Icinga 2

What do you use for monitoring Windows Network interfaces?



Using check_wmi_plus you’ll get something like this:

.../ -H <Host> -u <Domain/User> -p <Password> -m checknetwork -a '<IF name>'

    OK - <IF name> (Speed:100Mbit/s) Byte Send Rate=2.29KB/sec, Byte Receive Rate=4.1KB/sec, Packet Send Rate=12packet/sec, Packet Receive Rate=28packet/sec, Output Queue Length=0, Packets Received Errors=0|'_BytesSentPersec'=2293; '_BytesReceivedPersec'=4103; '_PacketsSentPersec'=12; '_PacketsReceivedPersec'=28; 'OutputQueueLength'=0; 'PacketsReceivedErrors'=0;

(Oliver Tatzmann) #3

Looks nice, I’ll give it a try … tough without Adminrights it was quite a hack in the old days if you have to configure a 100+ WindowsServers manually this way


you can use AD policies to configure a wmi user.

(Oliver Tatzmann) #5

Oh, nice … didn’t know MS added this to GPOs meanwhile … I’ll give it a try