How do you manage the update of your agent?


I would like to know how do you update Icinga2 on all your agents. :wink:

Let’s pretend you have a distributed environment with one master and many agents (50 or more), and let’s pretend a new stable version of Icinga2 is out.

I suppose you are not doing it by hand, so which tools are you using ?

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Our infrastructure is managed with Puppet. The Icinga agent is managed and updated from specific profiles and apt mirrors.



Has Puppet need to be installed and configured before the Icinga2 master ? or is it possible (and easy) to “plug” puppet on an already existing environment ?

It’s perfectly possible to add puppet to an existing host.

If you don’t want to install an agent you might have a look at ansible, too.

Puppet and Ansible have some similarities and some differences which means you should have a good look before you decide which one to use. If you start from fresh it’s hard to tell which one might be better because it depends on a lot of factors in your environment.

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