How do I purge large plugin output from Ido Queue to stop IdoMysqlConnection exception?



I have a plugin which accidentally produced huge output. I have fixed the plugin but I am getting the following exception logged continuously since then.

 critical/IdoMysqlConnection: Error "MySQL server has gone away" when executing query "UPDATE icinga_servicestatus

I believe the issue is described here:
It makes sense and plugin should not produce huge output.

But as far as I understand this “invalid” service status update is sitting in Ido Queue and icinga2 is continuously re-trying to complete that update.
How do I clean it from the Ido Queue?

Thank you.


I found the place.
That output was ‘cached’ in /var/lib/icinga2/icinga2.state
I wasn’t sure if it is safe to delete the file. So I edited it and reduced plugin output.
This resolved the issue.