How do I delete a user from Thruk?


How do I delete a user from Thruk?


What exactly do you mean? Usually Thruk simply uses the user it gets from Apache.

I want to delete a user from Config Tool -> User Configuration.
I deleted the user from htpasswd but the user still persists within Thruk.
How do i delete the user acc?

For what its worth, I created and deleted a user using htpasswd -D on another instance of naemon/truk and the user was deleted successfully.
When I delete the user in my production instance then the user remains present within thruk :confused:
Any reason why this user would persist even if the entry in htpasswd is deleted?

There are 2 things here. One is the authentication, this can be the htpasswd entry and Thruk can manage that one but you can also do it manually with htpasswd like you did already.
The other thing is the thruk user profile stored in var/thruk/users which contains user bookmarks and such things. You can either delete that file or remove it in Thruk from the Config Tool -> User Configuration -> remove user profile data