How can i add services to an host (german or english)

(Michael) #1

thats my first post and my english sucks but i hope someone can help me.

Years ago i used OMD with check_mk webinterface and it works really good. The new OMD-labs confused me.
i installed it and added some hosts with the config tool. But how can i add services to that host? where is the option to say “use ssh to connect to the host” or some other stuff? i searched for a wiki or how to!s but i can’t find something.
Can anyone help me? i need the monitoring for some proxmox server and NAS systems.



There is a active check named “Check via SSH service” which allows you to execute a command on the remote host, but I’m not familiar with.

I’m using “Datasource Programs” -> “Individual program call instead of agent access” for a connection to hosts I can’t reach via TCP on the agent port. The Idea is simple, when the monitoring user is connecting via SSH the agent is executed, the data returned and the connection closed. No other commands are allowed, but this needs to be configured on the monitored system.

(Michael) #3

thank for your answer.
The problem is, i dont have “datasource programs”. I use the web ui thruk

(Sven Nierlein) #4

Thruk is a totally different thing than cmk. If you need cmk, you should better use the omd-raw edition, which is focused on cmk.