Host shows as "Host configs" list instead of "hosts"

I create a template like this:

./ POST director/host \
  "object_name": "d_host",
  "object_type": "template",
  "check_command": "hostalive"

I create a host using that template:

./ POST director/host \
   "object_name": "myhost",
    "object_type": "object",
    "imports": ["d_host"],
    "address": ""

And deploy, of course…

./ POST director/config/deploy

But now, if I go to the Icingaweb2 and I search for my host myhost in the search box, it appears in the Host configs instead of Hosts.

I have even tried defining the host with the “check_command” explicitly, but it still does not work.

So, “Host configs” means the host configurations what have still not been deployed.

In my case, I had a some conflicting configuration change which was keeping the rest of the deployments from moving forward.

Hint: Make sure that the deployments show a lot of green :heavy_check_mark: and no red :x: