Host Downtime using Thruk

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Just figured out the difference in Icinga2 with Nagios when applying downtime from Thruk. When I apply downtime for Nagios via Thruk to the host, it automatically suppress notifications for services as well. But Icinga2 requires downtime to be set for services as well to disable notifications temporary.

Does anyone know how to set downtime for a host via Thruk, and have notifications suppressed for all services on that host by default?

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Is this intentional in Icinga2 or a bug? I would not expect host or service notifications when i put a host into a downtime. Having to put all services into downtime as well feels like unnecessary overhead.

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You totally agree that putting all services into downtime is unnecessary overhead, the problem is that Icinga WebUI has a separate checkbox for put “All services” to downtime, when you set downtime to host. But you put host into downtime from Thruk, it doesn’t set downtime for services under it. Works fine for Nagios tho, but not for Icinga2…

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So is this a bug in Icinga2 or for whatever reason intentional?

Hi @sni, just found an option in Thruk - icinga_features. Looks like it enables some features for icinga in Thruk, but can’t find any documentation about. Do you know what’s that? :slight_smile:


The only thing which is enabled by this is the “acknowledgments with expire date” external command.

@dnsmichi, is this a bug?

Hi @sni,

Looks like it’s not a bug from Icinga perspective, based on

Could you please suggest where to edit Thruk to include ‘downtime all services’ by default on host downtime command/call?

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Next Thruk release has an option for the quick commands to set the “and all services” option for host downtimes. It can be enabled by default in your thruk_local.conf.

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Thanks man! That is super helpful!