Host down / freshness notifications


Basically, I think I’ve missed something, and need a nudge in the right direction.

I have a number of hosts running icinga2 connecting back to a parent where the parent can not directly ping/monitor the host due to firewall / routing issues. That means a host can go down but icinga2 web UI does not reflect that unless you click down into an individual service to see the ‘Check result is late’ with the wee red dot.

I read through this page: which seems to be valid for external checks, but I’m using icinga2 + nagios plugins on the hosts with active / internal checks.

My setup: icinga2 2.11.3 on mostly ubuntu 18.04 machines spread across on-premise and various cloud platforms. Happy to share config etc, but not sure what is relevant in this context.

  • Cheers, Chris H.