Host Down Alert

Hey guys,

I’m playing around with checkmk now for a few weeks and customized it already a bit.
My problem: I don’t want to get host down alerts for some devices such as printers or laptops in the “main overview > host problems (unhandled)”, but i don’t want to disable it for other devices (servers, switches, etc.).

Is there a way to disalbe it for some hostgroups or folders? For the mail notifications I was able to do it. :slight_smile:

WATO -> Monitoring Configuration -> Host Check Command -> Always assume host to be up

This forces the state to be Up and prevent the hosts from being displayed in the view.
If you do not want to set them to Up always. You could edit the view and add a filter where you exclude the group or a certain text. But I do not think that will prevent them from being shown in the tactical overview.