Honouring your community work

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It is a good feeling when you’re doing good things and helping others. Discourse honours that with awarding you badges for your hard work :heart_eyes:

You can read more about it here and in this interview.

Solved Topics

In addition to the many badges you can earn, we are also using the “solved topic” plugin. You can earn badges when others accept your solution :slight_smile:


More Badges?

If you have ideas on badges, please share them with us :star_struck:

PS: Some badges can be used as user title.

New platform (work in progress)
Welcome to our #monitoringlove platform
New platform (work in progress)
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What about the posts in the old forum and the registration date?
Are they portable? If yes, we could get a batch for the “years of service” :smiley:

(Michael Friedrich) #4

Interesting idea. I’ll think about it.

Main concerns: I don’t want to give preference to specific users but start really new. Dunno if old vs new user mapping is so good. Last but not least: The SQL query into Woltlab won’t be fun.

(Kevin Honka) #5

I wouldn’t bother with importing things from woltlab, it is not worth the trouble, just so that some users get their old reg date and posts.

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(Michael Friedrich) #7

I’ve fixed an issue where the SQL query for “solved topics” did not trigger the badges for 10 and more.



This “only” affects @TheLucKy doing an outstanding CheckMK support on this platform :muscle: Still you are good to go to receive this reward soon enough for 10, 50 and 100 solved topics :slight_smile:

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