Hide user & password in service check command via WATO rule

I may be using the term “man page” wrong here. It’s the page where the description of the service goes into detail. Showing stats, graphs, contact groups, perf data. etc.
It has a section called “Service check command” and it shows full query against the database. This query string shows the password in plain text.
Sorry if I was confusing with the term “man page” I guess you can call it Service detail page.

Ah ok I see. Without having it tested:

Try to set password and user as nagios/icinga 2 new user macros in ~/etc/icinga|nagios/resource.cfg.
After that, restart the core and change user and password in the SQL WATO rule to $USER5$ etc.


I split the topic since it is a different issue than the original problem.

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Thank you @TheLucKy.
I’ll give that a go over the weekend.
Much appreciate it!