Graphite shows "No Data", but value.wsp has values in it

Hey guys,

I use Icinga 2 with the Graphite module for graphics. Some of my checks are showing graphs (basically the standard checks), others don’t.

Now I did an icinga plugin myself. In the output i define the performance data. So at the check-page there is shown “Label Value Warning Critical”

The value.wsp file for the check has also the monitored values in it, one for every minute how it should be.
The Problem is: the is no graph, it says “no data”

Has anyone an idea what the problem could be?

Wait a bit. The Icinga Web Module sometimes needs some time to work. Check the graphite menu item. Are there all graphs you need?

Which Graphite menu item du you mean?

I checked the Graphite Browser (ip address:8000), there was also “no data”.

I meant the “Graphite” Menu item in Icinga Web 2.

If you don’t see any data in Graphite-Web than there’s another problem. You said, there is data in the whisper file. How did you check that?

I solved my problem: the check-name hat a blank in it. I removed it and “no data” disappeared.

I checked the content of the whisper-file like this:

whisper-fetch --pretty “<path-to-value.wsp”