Graphite not showing graphs in host/service detail view

Hi, i’m in the process of migrating icinga to a new ubuntu 18.04 server; so far i have everything working, and giving the official grapite module a new chance. (In my old 14.04 server i used the findmypast version)

The Graphite module is working inside the Graphite - Host and Service menu; but in de host/service detail view it is showing a blank graph… I checked the graphite apache acces log for the difference between the requests:

The Graphite/Services retrieves data from graphite by a ‘render’ command:’%231a7dd7’)%2C%20’value’)
and gives as result a complete picture.

The host/service detailview graph sends a metrics query to graphite:*.value
This is the json answer i get; but this is empty…
{“results”: [“”]}

I guess that’s the reason why its blank.
I’m stuck here, anyone have a clue how to resolve this?

Sometimes the module takes quite some time before it displays the graphs. Could be the reason, too.

Same problem here (on debian stretch server). I followed this manual:

The module doesn’t just ‘takes time’, it won’t show anything at all, not even the icingaweb2 default output

Hi LR91,

Sorry to hear that you have the same problem. In my case the answer of Thomas Widhalm was correct… It takes a while (a long while!) before it starts working…
However due to vacantion etc i don’t know exact how long it took; but in my case everyting is working fine now.

good luck!