Graphite not showing any data with HTTPS

(Markus Radis) #1

Hi i´m having another issue with graphite. After adding https to icinga i can login and see the miniature graphs but when i click on them so thee the detailed version there seems to be no data available. Still having normal http Version enabled and the graphs are working in there

Is there any setting that needs to be changed? Used this manual:,3277807,2

(Stephan Kohlberger) #2


same Problem here. Our icinga2 Instance runs on Debian Strech with Graphite and https. When i click the right mouse button on any render option, like 10 minutes or an hour , and open the graphs in an new Tab it work’s.

Greetings Stephan

(Michael Friedrich) #3

Which Icinga Web 2 module is that?

(Markus Radis) #4

Graphite - btw. can you suggest any other modules for graphs?

(Michael Friedrich) #5

There are 3 graphite modules on the Internet, at least. An URL would help.

(Markus Radis) #6


(Michael Friedrich) #7

Guess, this one then?

(Markus Radis) #8

I guess so. We were thinking about changing the Grapher… can you suggest another one? Which experiences do you have?

(Michael Friedrich) #9

I would stick with Graphite, and look into the official Icinga developed module for Icinga Web 2. Keep in mind that this is in active developmwnt towards 1.0.

The reason I‘m saying this - Graphite has a long history and huge community, fully open source. InfluxDB might scale better, still it hides away scaling and distributed features in closed source enterprise editions. Here‘s more on that topic:

Grafana as additional dashboard layer on top might be an option too.

You can test-drive them all inside the Icinga Vagrant boxes.

Portions of these integrations will also be shown during my Icinga Camp talk in Berlin, if you have time, join me there.