Graphite: new icinga2 service not appearing

(Otto Brandstaetter) #1


I am having the following issue:
I set up graphite with icinga2 and graphite is showing many services as well as hostalive performance graphs.
But now I set up cpu load checks for some hosts and they do NOT appear in graphite web and there are also no files for this new service below the whisper file path.
I restarted icinga2, carbon-cache, apache, but nothing.

This is the service:

object Service "by_ssh_cpu_load" {
host_name = "i-wien"
import "by_ssh_cpu_load"}

The command:

object CheckCommand “by_ssh_cpu_load” {
import “icinga-check-command”
import “by_ssh”
vars.by_ssh_command = “/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/”
vars.by_ssh_identity = “/var/lib/nagios/.ssh/id_rsa”
vars.by_ssh_logname = “root”
vars.database_name = “redmine_default”}

One of the hosts:

object Host “i-wien” {
import “generic-host”
display_name = “i-wien”
address = “wien”
groups = [ “linux-server”, “Linz-Server”, “univention” ]
vars.graphite_keys = [ “rta”, “pl”, “C1” ]}

Plugin output:

OK - load averages are at CA = 3.16, CB = 2.77, CC = 2.49

I am not sure, if any additional information is required.
It would be great if anyone had an idea of what I am missing…
Best regards and thanks in advance,


Hi otto,

does the check return perf data values?

Would look something like this when run on the cli:
OK - load averages are at CA = 3.16, CB = 2.77, CC = 2.49 | ca=3.16 cb=2.77 cc=2.49

Would also be visible in the service overview page:

also take a look at for wrapped checks like check_by_ssh


(Otto Brandstaetter) #3


thank you for your answer.
I then switched to influx instead of graphite and everything is working now…
Best regards