Graphite-module shows error: undefined index

(Michael Lorenzen) #1

I’m using Icinga 2.11 with icinga web 2.7.1 and modules director 1.6.2 and graphite 1.1.0.

In icingaweb I get errors while showing the graphs:


The carbon/graphiate backends works, I can see the graph in graphite browser and graphite dashboard, I even see it if I tweak the url to load the graph outside of the icingaweb page (AAservernameAA:/icingaweb2/graphite/graph/service?


Does somebody has some hints, where I can find the reason?

(Michael Lorenzen) #2

I tracked it down: If not all of the perfomance metrics have thresholds, the graphite module behaves strange. I filed a but at github with a more detailed description: