Graphite Module for Icinga Web 2


The Graphite module integrates graphs directly into the host/service detail view in Icinga Web 2.

It also provides a searchable dashboard which can be used to create your own views and dashlets.

The templates can be highly customized, and allow for adding parameters towards the Graphite API too.

Permissions on hosts/services are respected, if a role for example limits to a specific hostgroup, your users will only see those.

This is the official module provided by the Icinga project. There are also community modules for Graphite around.



This module can be tested inside the “standalone” Icinga Vagrant Box.


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Hallo, now it would be nice to have a smart installation Guide to use it.
in the Installation also Including the Graphite part, maybe some parts would be missing.
and how to stick it together with Icinga2 Web.

have a nice day