Graph are not shown in PNP4NAGIOS


So let’s start from the beginning (taking the values you provided):

  • The temporary files should be in /usr/local/pnp4nagios/var/service-perfdata and /usr/local/pnp4nagios/var/host-perfdata. These directories should be processed by the NPCD so the number of files shouldn’t increase without limit. Verify that the NPCD is running.
  • If something with the NPCD goes wrong there should be messages in the npcd.log, location and log level might be altered in npcd.cfg.
  • The temporary files are processed by Errors should be written to process_perfdata.log, location and log level might be altered in process_perfdata.cfg.
  • *.xml and *.rrd files should created below /usr/local/pnp4nagios/var/perfdata/ in a folder per host object.
  • The *.xml files contain two tags called <RC> and <TXT>. <RC> shows the return code of the RRDtool update and <TXT> a textual description. The *.rrd files should be updated each time the object is checked, the *.xml files should be recreated each time.
  • If everything is correct so far it’s time to check the Apache settings / logs.