Grafana works – but no graphs in Icinga Web

HI Guys,

my configuration is Ubuntu16.04, PHP 5.6.40, Icinga Web 2.7.3
I use Influx DB and the icinga2-default Dashboard. Grafana version „master“ (dont know what this means).
I have several Grafana Dashboards, all working well.

I can NOT see the graphics at icinga web, here the screenshot:

If I click in this empty window, a new grafana - web tab is opening and I can see the graph.

If I right click the empty space and choose „show graphics“, I get the graph!

Are there any ideas out there?

Nice greetings from Austria


Here ist the ini. Thanks for watching

host = “1xx.2xx.136.22:3000”
protocol = “http”
height = “280”
width = “640”
timerange = “3h”
enableLink = “yes”
defaultdashboard = “icinga2-default”
datasource = “influxdb”
accessmode = “direct”
directrefresh = “yes”
timerangeAll = “6h”
defaultorgid = “1”
theme = “light”
usepublic = “no”
version = “1”
defaultdashboarduid = “KbZyZXkmz”
defaultdashboardpanelid = “2”
shadows = “0”
debug = “0”


first you should switch to a release version of the Grafana module because the master version can contain bugs.

For Grafana access: direct you need to enable auth.anonymous in grafana. I suggest to change Grafana access to Indirect Proxy and Authentication type to Username & Password or API Token. In Grafana you can create the API Token.

More infos in the module configuration docs:


Thank you so much for your help!
I use now API token and Proxy and everything works fine :slight_smile:

So christmas can come now

Thanks again und nice greetings