Grafana module for icingaweb2

Since mid of december we are running an InfluxDB for our performance data after the graphite server died :frowning:
To show the performance data in Icingaweb2 I understood that we need to setup a grafana frontend first and then direct Icingaweb2 to grafana.
With graphite this has been straight forward: We never had to modify any graphs graphite offered. That’s not the case for grafana, as I see: We have to:

  1. Set up a new dashboard panel (at least) in Grafana for each command that sends output to InfluxDB
  2. Configure the Graph icingaweb2-grafana module to the appropriate panel

Isn’t there a way to
a) let Grafana dynamically create a panel for (autogen-)metrics in InfluxDB, and
b) let icingaweb2-grafana point dynamically to this panel


Hi Jan,

The installation docs details what you need to do to get Grafana set up, including default dashboards you can load into Grafana. The icinga2-default-multimetrics includes one panel that will show metrics for any service you have in InfluxDB. Set that as default dashboard, and you’re good.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Lars.

I did that, but Ihave several custom checks in Icinga that don’t show up automatically. And even the already configured checks in the named dashboard are not displayed in icingaweb2. There I always see panel 1 (Host Alive status), regardless of the selected service.

Gruß / Regards,
Jan Dreyer

Are you sure you are using the icinga2-default-multimetrics dashboard? That dashboard only has one panel (panelId=1), and since the img url contains var-service=..., the graph should show the metrics for that service.

OMG, I think, I missed the “multimetrics” part and imported the “icinga2-with-influxdb” instead. Thanks @tagg for pointing me in the right direction!

I LOVE the Icinga Community! :smiley:

Gruß / Regards,
Jan Dreyer

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There’s no need to edit the topic. Please just pick the reply which solves the problem and mark it as solved.


I’ve accidentally deleted icinga2-default-multimetrics, and the url (and the github page) seems not to be working! @tagg @verboEse @Carsten @dnsmichi , could you please share the json with me?
Much thanks,

This file was deleted in the repository on Feb 28, 2018. It’s probably integrated in icinga2-defaults.json?!

Edit: I’m still working with the old version, so can’t really tell you …

You can always search the repository tags for it.