Grafana module for icingaweb2


Since mid of december we are running an InfluxDB for our performance data after the graphite server died :frowning:
To show the performance data in Icingaweb2 I understood that we need to setup a grafana frontend first and then direct Icingaweb2 to grafana.
With graphite this has been straight forward: We never had to modify any graphs graphite offered. That’s not the case for grafana, as I see: We have to:

  1. Set up a new dashboard panel (at least) in Grafana for each command that sends output to InfluxDB
  2. Configure the Graph icingaweb2-grafana module to the appropriate panel

Isn’t there a way to
a) let Grafana dynamically create a panel for (autogen-)metrics in InfluxDB, and
b) let icingaweb2-grafana point dynamically to this panel


(Lars Thegler) #2

Hi Jan,

The installation docs details what you need to do to get Grafana set up, including default dashboards you can load into Grafana. The icinga2-default-multimetrics includes one panel that will show metrics for any service you have in InfluxDB. Set that as default dashboard, and you’re good.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Lars.

I did that, but Ihave several custom checks in Icinga that don’t show up automatically. And even the already configured checks in the named dashboard are not displayed in icingaweb2. There I always see panel 1 (Host Alive status), regardless of the selected service.

Gruß / Regards,
Jan Dreyer

(Lars Thegler) #4

Are you sure you are using the icinga2-default-multimetrics dashboard? That dashboard only has one panel (panelId=1), and since the img url contains var-service=..., the graph should show the metrics for that service.


OMG, I think, I missed the “multimetrics” part and imported the “icinga2-with-influxdb” instead. Thanks @tagg for pointing me in the right direction!

I LOVE the Icinga Community! :smiley:

Gruß / Regards,
Jan Dreyer

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(Michael Friedrich) #6

There’s no need to edit the topic. Please just pick the reply which solves the problem and mark it as solved.


(Alireza J Erfani) #7

I’ve accidentally deleted icinga2-default-multimetrics, and the url (and the github page) seems not to be working! @tagg @verboEse @Carsten @dnsmichi , could you please share the json with me?
Much thanks,