Grafana InfluxDB manipulatable Queries in Browser Development Tools


(Lars Andree Rieseler) #1

i hope somebody can help me here,
i have noticed that you can see and maipulate every Query grafana is sending to the InfluxDB Backend, even if you use the Proxy mode on the Data-Adapter.I meanevery User can get every Datapoint from the Influx if he wants to. Maybe someone has a solution to hide these queries from the User.

I mean even if i build a Dashboard for pre-definhosts or Services the User can get the Data from Hosts or Services he shouldnt be able to see.



(Carsten Köbke) #2

There is no way to hide the queries, except the grafana module for icingaweb2 in proxy/indirect proxy mode.
But if you give users access to grafana they can query whatever the configured datasource allows them.

(Lars Andree Rieseler) #3

not the answer i hoped for but thank you =)