Get general status values (string) into grafana


I am using icinga to monitor ipmi status of different servers.
in the icingaweb2 dashboard, the general status of the ipmi is shown (OK/WARNING/CRITICAL).

I have icinga connected to grafana via influxdb. Grafana serves as the dashboard. Everything works fine for numerical values (I can see temps, fan rpms etc in grafana).

But somehow it is not possible to select the general status of the ipmi in grafana (OK/WARNING/CRITICAL). It is olny possible to select numerical values in grafana for the influxdb data source.

My goal is to create a table showing the hostname and the general ipmi status. How is it possible to the the ipmi status from icinga2 to grafana? Do I have to choose another database backend than influxdb?

Metadata and threshold are enabled in icinga influxdb writer.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


I narrowed the problem further down:

Checking the icinga debug.log and the content of influxdb, I noticed, that the metadata is not written to Influxdb, maybe due to some incompatibilities concerning the threshold values. My next step would be to try to configure InfluxDBWriter to write the desired metadata into InfluxDB.

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Hi @Catarina,

you can enable the wanted feature by setting enable_send_metadata = true in the influxdb writer configuration. has an example to add additional tags if you want.

Hope that helps,