Fill array from datalist

I manage the current Icinga2 setup via Icingaweb2 Director and have the following problem:
There is a bunch of windows servers with different sets of services I want to check.
My approach is to define a datafield as an array, this is added to a host template as field. In this field come values like “backup” for everything belong to backup services or “dns” for DNS services.
So a (windows) host can have multiple values, that must be entered manually.
First this is error-prone because of mispelling and second what is more important for me:
I have no overview what values are in use, so I have to maintain a list of these values externally (and keep it up to date).
It get’s more complicated if someone else should administrate the setup.
My idea is to setup a datalist, fill it with all these values and use it for this field.

So the question is: Is it possible to have a datalist and use it for filling an array? Or is there a better solution, which I overlooked?


I answer myself because I found the solution
It’s implemented already since Director version 1.4.0, but I took no notice of it because I’m using Director from the very beginning and read not every changelog carefully

Lesson learned: Read the changelogs! All!