Files cannot be updated (ubuntu)


hi all,

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I create with cronjob zip files on a ftp server, the zip files contains only one txt-file with informations which can be updated.

On my local server I can download the zip files but the content of the txt-file is already the same it doesn’t updated.

When I unzip one of the zip files on the ftp server the text-files are changed only not on my local server.

Doesn anyone know why?

Thanks in advance.



Your posting is confusing and hard to understand.

On an FTP server you have text files which are zipped one by one. If you unzip them on the FTP server the contents differs. Unzipping them on your local server the contents is the same. That’s what I think you tried to explain.

If that’s correct I guess the ftp process transfers one source file (e.g the first) and saves it under different names on the local server.

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thanks for your answer @Wolfgang that’s exactly what I mean, and sorry about my English language :blush:

Ill try to save it under different name for testing it.
I need the file with same name because I have a bash-script which take the content and work with it…


What I mean what probably happens is

FTP server      local server

file_a ---+---> file_x
          +---> file_y
          +---> file_z    

You transfer one file on the FTP server and save it under different names on your local server and the other files on the FTP server aren’t processed so all files on the local server have the same contents.

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thanks for your explantation @Wolfgang and sorry I have forget to note that I download the zip files via wget