Failed to get objects: Unable to connect to the in backend

I recently updated my version of ChecK_MK (OMD package) from version 1.5.0p2 to 1.6.0p8
I have configured distributed monitoring with a slave server where I enabled encryption using TLS on the connection and checking the “Verify the Livestatus server certificate using the local site CA” checkbox.
All good until this step, because Distributed Monitoring works well.

But in Nagvis when I want to get a host from that slave server, it shows me the following error seen in the screenshot:


Nagvis version: 1.9.17
Distribution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.3
Apache version: 2.4.6
PHP version: 5.4.16
Browser used: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
OMD Master version: 1.6.0p8
OMD Slave version: 1.6.0p6

Please help me with this. I have tried several options but they have no effect.

Check TLS versions offered by both client and server.

Given that you upgrade the server, it probably upgraded the TLS version it uses, and as downgrading is generally not allowed for security reasons, now nagvis can’t agree on a TLS version with the server.

Maybe nagvis can be configured, or maybe it needs to be patched, or, it necessary, upgraded

Hi, thank you for you answer.
I checked the versions of TLS and they are the same, in both: slave and master.
I upgrade one of the slave servers to the same OMD version of the master, thinking that it was some incompatibility of versions, but still giving the same result.
I wanted to share a detail that seemed strange to me and is as follows:

I did SSL connection check from the OMD master to the slave and it responds well, but when I do it from the slave to the master it doesn’t work for me.
I think there might be the problem, what do you think?