Execvpe(/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load) failed: Permission denied

(Gergo Schwahofer) #1

Hello everybody,

I have again some problem with one of my services. Its a simple load check on Linux nodes.

I use it on many Server, but on one of them is not working.

I know this error message two things can be :

  • File is not there
  • File permissions are not good

I checked both thing, file is there, name is correct and the permission are perfect, but I tried to give full permission, also not working.

Any Idea?

(Matthias) #2

Are you sure the execute flag is set?
Maybe the permissions on a parent path deny access?

(Gergo Schwahofer) #3

Yes looks like another admin flagged the whole folder with bad permissions. Interesting. Thank you I would never thought to that because we are using server templates. Thanks really.